• Wake County is the 12th largest county in North Carolina with 587 square miles of land.
  • Wake has 312 farms in livestock production with $5 million in sales. 
  • Wake County has 177,300 forested acres which produce over $9 million in annual revenue, 26th in the state. 77 % is privately owned. 
  • Wake County has 12 farmers markets, more than any other county in NC.
  • Wake County has 827 farms!

Kate Pearce, Dorthea Dix Park Project Manager, and Don Belk, Friends Board Chair, give a brief presentation about the importance of the Dix property for our region and how activities here are linked to soil and water conservation.


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September 12, 2019  ~  Flower Cottage, Dorthea Dix Park

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The Friends of the Wake Soil and Water Conservation District is a volunteer non-profit group of local citizens who support and champion the work of the District.  The Friends join the District in  its mission to protect the natural resources of Wake County.

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